Why Coast Spas are the Best Spas for SC

With us having been in the repair industry for a good portion of our lives and servicing the lowcountry for nearly a decade, we have seen thousands of spas by hundreds of manufacturers. When we decided to bring in spas for resale, we wanted to choose two lines. One being the absolute best spa you can purchase.

The Second being the best spa for the lowest investment. After one entire year of research and thousands of hours of investigating and inspections, we decided on … Coast Spas – The Best Built Spas in the World!. For the Second Brand, we decided on NorthWind Spas. The Kicker with Northwind spas is they are also made by Coast Spas. The Same Quality Build yet a lower entry level price. Below we want to share why we determined Coast Spas should be the only Manufacturer’s product on our showroom floor.

Best Built

We chose Coast Spas – Because they are the Best Built Spas in the World! We Believe that so strongly, We built our business and reputation (as well as our logo) around them!

Gold Standard

We sought out QUALITY, QUALITY CONTROL as well as DOMESTIC PART SOURCING. We were able to narrow the list by limiting our search criteria to only those companies that were able to achieve the sought after ISO9001:2008 quality control certifications


Trust in a Brand that is Quality Certified

ISO 9001:2008 certification is the highest internationally recognized quality standard for manufacturing. Extensively reviewed yearly by independent audits, Coast Spas is proud to have maintained ISO certification since 2003.

There are many areas in this country where full foam is desired; however, in the South- where heat and humidity may be excessive, full foam insulation can be a negative factor. Coast Spas custom builds our spas and swim spas with a chamber of air inside the perimeter of the spa, between the Owens corning insulation and the thermal insulated outer cabinet. This chamber of air is heated by the motors and moved in a circular or cyclonic motion by fan blades integrated into their industrial grade motors. This cyclone effect can easily reduce corrosion causing condensation on spa components. In conjunction with automatic self-controlled venting, this hot, humid air is then permitted to exit the cabinet and reduces the likelihood mold and even corrosion are able to grow inside your spa cabinet. Read more on this insulation system further down this page. This custom insulation design is installed on all spas being offered by Carolina Spa Company. This innovative thinking and design is just one more reason Coast Spas are the BEST built spas in the world!

Some of you may ask why we chose a Canadian Spa Manufacturer. We feel Coast may be built in Canada, but they strive to use as many high quality American made parts as are available in the marketplace. Coast Spas and Swim Spas are truly AMAZING. Their industry first innovations and designs have set them apart from the herd for many decades. From their unique yet proven jet massage to their proprietary commercial filtration, they set themselves apart from the pack with so many cutting edge advances! We have learned that every company in the world brags about how they do this first or that first but what truly sets Coast Spas apart from the competition is their quality control. 

I have been in dozens of factories and Coast is just different. The comraderie and family atmostphere in their company is apparent. Their employees are happy and seem to actually want to achieve excellence in build. We have always liked Coast Spas and feel they have led the industry for OVER 20 YEARS with their Design, Innovation and Quality.

While the Northwind Branded Spas & Coast Plug and Play Patio Series have an industry impressive 3 year equipment parts warranty (PowerTrain) All Coast branded ELITE, LUXURY & WELLNESS spas & Swim Spas are Backed by a 5 year equipment parts warranty! This warranty is NOT pro-rated like so many other manufacturers. It is supported by Carolina Spa Company as well as by independant Techs Nationwide. With local families that have grown up here – we have pride in our city and in what we sell. When you have a small local business servicing the area day in and day out and staking their reputation on what they provide the community…. How can you go wrong?

Contact us and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible about Coast hot tub dealer service. 

Why We Are Unique

Our Staff are all Charleston natives and believe in doing the best we can for our clients and community. We want you to know that SERVICEREPAIR and MAINTENANCE is our PRIMARY FOCUS! We will continue to do our best to provide the BEST SERVICE POSSIBLE. Our primary focus is our customers satisfaction. If you purchase a hot tub from us, we will always be here to serve you. Unlike other dealers, or mobile sales events, We will never leave you stuck – with no one to repair your spa. We have purchased these spas because we felt they represented the highest quality products at incredibly affordable prices.



We chose to sell these spas from our converted Service Facility in Mount Pleasant, to keep our overhead low, pass along those savings and remain convenient to our customers with a location in the EXACT CENTER of the residential population of Mount Pleasant!

Why Coast?

We feel Coast Spas provide the most luxurious spa experience in both look and feel. Not to mention the MOST INCREDIBLE MASSAGE of any Spa or Hot Tub, AT ANY PRICE POINT…. WE HAVE EVER SEEN (or felt)!!

What about water testing?

We have Water Testing and unlike ANY others, it is FREE FOR LIFE (If you purchase your spa from us!)

Do we sell chemicals?

YES – We will beat any price on the same product! OR if you prefer ordering from the convenience of your home, just email us the products you want or your most recent shopping cart from another company and we will deliver to your home free, with purchases of $100 or more! Want us to have the chemicals delivered and balance your spa water at the same time? For a small service fee of $29 we can take care of that (limited areas)!

Do we sell anything other than chemicals?

YES – Custom built Spa Covers, Ozone Generators, Accessories, Steps, Cover Lifters, Handrails, Tables, Filters and so much more! 

Do you sell ozone generators?

ABSOLUTELY We have ordered the Most Advanced Corona & Plasma Discharge Ozone Generators available. If you have a spa that came with ozone from the factory, we will even come out and replace it with a NEW JED 103 ozone generator for $149 (Parts & Labor included – some minor exclusions may apply).

Do you need to replace ozone generators?

YES most ozone generators last about 1-3 years. The best on the market – like the JED will last UP TO- BUT NO MORE THAN 5 years. No residential ozone generator I have seen, will last longer than 5 years.

What about salt water?

YES Coast spas offers Salt Water Spas; however, we do not especially push Salt Water Systems due to their high maintenance requirements. Don’t forget, salt is corrosive. It requires FREQUENT monitoring of chemicals and PH….OR If you prefer to discuss the newest Bromide or Chlorine auto feeders, we will be happy to show you the most advanced systems on the market today!

What about service?

My Spa Guy is still focused on service and we know that is how we became who we are….Sales is solely a service we now offer thru our Retail Store, so we can help people find the Best Built Spas in the world at the best price. Due to our contract with these manufacturers, we are unable to put our price online. Stop in, you will be IMPRESSED!

Do we have financing?

YES We currently offer lay-a-way programs and also offer long term financing thru HFS Financial and Wells Fargo. With rates as low as 4.88% and terms as long as 15 years. Owning a new Coast Spa can be EXTREMELY affordable for a low monthly rate.

We have partnered with Lenders that offer the best financing options we have been able to locate.

Click here to apply now.

Do we accept credit cards?

YES – We do accept all major credit cards; however, we do offer additional specialdiscounts on selected payment methods and some prices presented may already take these additional discounts into account. Credit card processing fees apply on purchases over $500. The rate is based on the card and varies from 1.9% to as high as 3.3% for American Express.

What about used spas?

Used spas are a little different. We do our best to locate well maintained spas that are of true value. We spend hours every week searching for deals. Some weeks, we come across multiple units, some weeks we don’t of much luck but we keep looking. If you own a spa and want to sell it, please email us pictures and info so we can help find it a new home. We currently have one pre-owned spa and hope to have it ready for resale by the 19th! We do have leads on several other used spas and are doing our best to pick the best values for resale. Watch your inbox for these newsletters for the quickest notice and updates!

What Makes Coast Spas better than other Brands?

Does the sweeper jet really clean the bottom of our spa floor?

As with anything, there are limitations. I have poured sand and silica and roof shingle sediment on the floor of a spa and the next day, there were 2 or 3 small pieces in corners. After another day, they were mostly gone. Does the sweeper jet make the spa clean itself better? YES! Does it make it maintenance free and let you make a mess without interacting? No. But it does make a large step towards keeping spa floors clean and after seeing them in action, I will have one in every spa I own.

The Floor of a Hot Tub Collects Settled Debris and Contaminants. So Coast Spas Developed the Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet. It is inevitable that dirt, sand and other debris will find it’s way into your hot tub. It can be brought in on your feet, blow in by the wind or simply fall from the trees or a structure above. Regardless of how it got into your hot tub, the last thing you want is for it to stay in your water – collecting over time on the floor of your spa.

Our Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet is activated during the filtration cycle and blasts the collected dirt, sand and other debris off the floor to where it can be drawn into the filtration system. It’s incredible how something so small could make such a difference to your hot tub enjoyment.


Is The Custom Insulation Package Carolina Spa Company orders on their Coast Spas really the best insulation for this area?

HEATMAX THERMAL ZONE INSULATION places one inch thick panels on the outer cabinet. These panels are then coated with a thermal reflective barrier that reflects heat radiating outwards back towards the spa water. This alone is effective but not effective enough. So an additional layer of Owens Corning “Pink Panther” foam insulation is sprayed onto the acrylic back to create a thermal zone wherein heat is thermogenically used to heat the spa water. This heat is then moved in a circular motion to provide the perfect environment for equipment in the extreme humidity of the South.

I am asked over and over if it is REALLY THAT MUCH BETTER THAN OTHER INSULATION OPTIONS HERE IN SOUTH CAROLINA? Absolutely! I am sold on the design and theory. Having a solid background in the engineering field backed by degrees and over a decade of field experience on various designs I am certain this is the ideal way to insulate portable spas. I have studied Coasts design thoroughly and feel it is the absolute BEST way to combat the negative attributes of this environment here on the coast of South Carolina. I have seen first hand how it helps keep the spa temp regulated and helps keep air flowing.

To my thorough knowledge and research, Coast Spas is the only CURRENT company in the world that has spent the time and money to research and build their spas in a manner to provide a hot tub that will actually last a lifetime. 

Other brands have special custom computers, why do coast spas have widely available balboa computers?

Balboa is the largest manufacture of computers and controllers for the portable spa industry. They are constantly making improvements and design changes to stay at the cutting edge of the industry all the while providing the best quality they are able to achieve at every price point. This is where we could spend days explaining every level of quality and each price point. However, I think the best way to explain this is to use an automotive analogy. Imagine the auto maker building the Corvette. They use the best engine, the best transmission and the best parts. This obviously would be their highest end car and not able to be priced for people that can only afford a There are many manufactures of controllers, many that make custom computers and custom parts for manufactures. We do not like this approach because when their parts fail, you are required to purchase them from that particular manufacturer. What happens when they go out of business? You have a major expense. With the systems chosen by Coast Spas, it is easy and simple to get parts now and we feel it will be easy to get parts in the future.

Won't xtreme motors cost more to operate than normal motors? And ultimately cost more to replace if and when they fail?

Energy Efficient at just over one amp of power on low speed IS important. Spas have to turn the water over and although you may not be in your spa every day, the pumps come on and run on pre-set schedules. 99% of the time, those motor will run on low speed. If the typical competitors pump uses 3.8amps of power to run on low speed and XTREME pump motors only use 1.2 amps, they are ONE THIRD of the cost to operate if you operate them on the same schedule. However, Dont forget they have oversized plumbing which allows a greater volume of water to flow over the same time period, thus requiring less operating time to filter the same amount of water. This results in a shorter time required for filtering the same amount of water. Thus less wear and tear due to less operating time. Accordingly, the life of these motors IF they had the same life expentancy as the inferior pump motors, would last 3 times longer. Since they are superior in every way, you can expect these pump motors to last much much longer than a typical pump motor. You are therfore paying less on replacement. Obviously, anything built by mankind can and will fail. That is why Coast Spas backs their Xtreme pumps with the best warranty in the business!

Built Powerful for Jetted Hydrotherapy.
Intelligently Engineered for Energy Savings.
Meet the Coast Spas Extreme Line of Jet Pumps

From the Monster Flow 7HP pump to the 1.5HP Smart Flow pump, all are designed to push the maximum allowable pressure through to our specially designed Luxury Trillium Massage Jets. During your spa’s filtration cycle, your jet pumps are activated to pull and push water through your hot tub filter. During the filtration cycle, our Extreme pumps will run on an ultra low voltage (1.2Amps for 5HP Super Flow Pumps) and at one third the RPM (3450 high / 1150 low).

Programmable filtration cycles allow you to control when, and for how long, your jet pumps activate to purge your hot tub of debris. During the programmed filtration time, your hot tub pumps will consume about as much power as your backyard aquarium pump.


My other spa has a circulation pump that runs 24 hours a day, it is supposed to use less power than a normal pump motor.

Although that seems to be a convincing argument, the pumps used in Coast Spas use less power than most circulation pumps yet with their larger diameter pump connections allow for more volume to flow – reducing the run time required. Reduced Run time means less wear and tear on components which equates to a longer life. I know that is hard to swallow – a pump the size of a softball using nearly the same power as this massive pump? YES – come in and we will prove it to you. We have pumps here from other manufacturers to show you!

Why is 3” plumbing better than typical 1.5” or 2” ?

In our experience, most lower end spas use 1.5” plumbing to move water. The smaller plumbing allows for higher pressure in the lines to provide a better massage with smaller motors. (All saving in the manufacturing process). However, the down side with higher pressure is the greater likelihood of leaks forming in the plumbing connections later in life. Most big name manufacturers have realized this and increased the diameter of their plumbing to 2” and their pump motors to allow for increase. These same manufacturers determined the increase in pipe diameter to 3”, although making for a more efficient flow – causes plumbing cost to increase substantially. In the common pursuit for increased profit, Most spa companies will oversize the motors and obtain the same flow. Coast went about it differently, they determined they could achieve optimal flow with 3” pipes when mated to their Xtreme Pumps achieve the most volume at the lowest line pressure, which allows for the absolute best massage with the least stress on the plumbing. This design is why we feel Coast Spas are built to last a lifetime.

Why are screw in jets better than pop in jets on other tubs?<br />

This one is simple, most spa companies have less expensive jets that you have to twist and turn and when a small half inch tab breaks off, you have to replace the entire jet. Not with coast, every part is well thought out and they definitely did not skimp on the jets. Every jet is threaded for ease of removal, cleaning and re-installation. So easy my 7 year old can do it.

Does anyone really need steel re-inforced fiberglass backed acrylic?

Ask enough people with spas and you will find someone with a bubble in their acrylic; or even broken or cracked acrylic. I have seen too many swim spas coming from florida and tennessee that don’t even have the acrylic properly backed by fiberglass. How many people really open the cabinet and look at the inside of the spa? Well we do every day! We see the waves and bumps and poor quality control. Sloppy! Try moving their spa across your yard in 5 years after their non-pressure treated frame is partially rotted, the acrylic is sure to crack.

Coast Spas® has partnered with Owens Corning® to Deliver the Toughest and Most Durable Hot Tub Shells Available.

Your hot tub starts its life as a sheet of premium acrylic. It is then heated and vacuum-formed to take on the shape of a hot tub, at this point the acrylic is fragile and flexible. The acrylic shell is then moved to be reinforced using high-grade Owens Corning® fiberglass. A team of specialists start by applying several layers of fiberglass to the shell, then use rollers to compress those layers together. Steel angle iron is then placed onto those first compressed layers for additional support in specific structural areas. Additional layers of Owens Corning® fiberglass are then added (up to 12 layers or more are typical for an average-size Coast Spas Model) and compressed again, by hand, to complete the shell reinforcement.

Why does shell strength matter?

Your hot tub or swim spa shell is not just one of the most expensive components of your spa, but also the only piece that can never be replaced. If your hot tub cracks, there is no real avenue for structural repair – and your hot tub will no longer be able to be used. Your spa shell is responsible for containing a large volumes of water that has a significant amount of weight. This weight is constantly applying immense pressure to your shell and its integrity has to hold even when faced with environmental fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Ensure your next hot tub has the strength and durability of multi-layer owens corning fiberglass and steel reinforcement.

Triple guard plumbing sounds fancy but does it really differ from every one else?<br />

Triple Guard is named that because Coast uses barbed fittings then they glue all of the fittings and to make triple sure, they even use hose clamps! OVERKILL is what I heard come out of the mouth of a sales person – that is hilarious. I have seen dozens of leaks coming from spas where they only used barbed fittings or only glued them onto slip joints or ONLY used hose clamps. In my life, I have NEVER seen a leak from a plumbing connection that used all three methods!

If I have ozone – do I really need a uv santizer?<br />

UV and ozone work wonderfully together. Ozone does everything that UV does, but UV does not do everything that ozone does. The Three links below contain a large amount of research into residential spa ozone and UV sanitization methods and should be reviewed for additional info. 
Ozone Facts
Ozone & UV Synergy
How Does Ozone Work?

Why do you recommend an ozone mixing chamber?

Ozone can only kill what it comes into contact with. When you intentionally insert ozone into a small chamber and mix the water with the ozone, there is a greater liklihood it will come into contact with more water so it can sanitize it more thoroughly. One of the reasons we order our Coast Brand with mixing chambers and UV whenever possible.

Is automatic self-controlled venting system beneficial?<br />

Coast Spas builds the spas based on how we order them. We have seen the negative reasons of no air flow. When the air has limited flow – condensation occurs and we all know condensation in this humid environment causes corrosion and therefore RUST. Rust severely shortens the life of components. With Coast Spas – a small chamber is built inside the cabinet of every spa. This chamber by itself is useless unless there is a means to have the air flow. With Coasts industrial motors – a fan built into them blow heated air into this chamber. This is all fine and dandy but where does the air go? That is a cool part! Coast installs automatic vents that use a thermistor coil to open and close and allow the cabinet to vent the air – thereby reducing the chance of overheating and allowing hot moist air to expel while a second vent allows cooler air to enter. This thermogenic design can extend the life of components by threefold. All of this done with components that cost less than a hundred dollars and can be replaced in less than 10 minutes each (if they fail)

What is a coast guard synthetic bottom?

Coast Guard Bottoms are synthetic bottoms that keep the moisture out and the interior of your spa safe from environmental harm.

Spas with the Coast Guard Bottom have a nearly indestructible base that offers the very best protection against moisture penetration. Moisture penetration can have adverse affects on the the structural and electrical components of your hot tub. The Coast Guard Bottom is one piece of thick synthetic material that has been vacuum formed specifically fit your hot tub model. In addition to offering protection from moisture, the Coast Guard Bottom also provides a shield from rodents and insects.

Is commercial cyclonic filtration really that important?<br />

Commercial-Grade Pressurize Hot Tub Filtration System  Only from Coast Spas®.

In North America it is law for any commercial establishment to have a closed pressurized filtration system on any public pool or hot tub. Not only is it more efficient and faster than a skim filtration system but it also removes the dirty filter canisters from the bathing area. Without a pressurized system, once the water flow to the filter subsides, the debris that was caught in the filter is free to float back into the spa and re-contaminate the water.

We like this idea about as much as sitting in the water with the dirty filters. So Coast Spas developed the Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®. This is a commercial-grade, pressurized filtration system with the filter canister completely removed from the bathing area and coupled with an oversized skimmer. We feel so strongly that the happiest spa owners have the cleanest water, that we made this a standard feature on ALL of our spas. So you can rest easy knowing that your spa will have the best filtration system available.

The Benefits of Hydro Cyclonic Filtration -No dirty filter sitting in the hot tub water with the bathers. -Captured contaminants will not re-enter the spa water when changing the filter or when pumps are deactivated. -The Water Diversion Blade® disperses water and contaminants evenly around the outside of the filter resulting in more efficient filtration. -Up to 175 sq.ft. of filter media (largest available in any hot tub) for superior water flow and less strain on your spas’ components.

Full test results – Skim Filtration VS Cyclonic Filtration

Innovations and “Hot Tub Firsts” from Coast Spas

Coast Spas first company in the hot tub manufacturing industry to meet TUV standards for a complete portable spa.

Coast Spas holds of numerous patents and pending patents in North America, including Spa Motor Cooling Method and Apparatus; Method and Apparatus for Circulating Water in a Spa and Negative, Infinity or Vanishing Edge for Spas and or hot tubs. Coast Spas has been a leader in hot tub innovation since our inception. In fact, the Coast Spas® Brand began due to the lack of innovation in the hot tub industry. Our founders knew that hot tubs had so much more to offer than the bare-bones models that existed before. Coast Spas was born to change the face of the industry, and we have done just that. 

1st Infinity Edge Portable Hot Tub (patented) View Cascade Spas Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st Waterproof Floating Remote Control Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st LED Underwater Light Prism Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st Manufacturer to Use 3 Inch Plumbing Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st Bluetooth – Handsfree Calling Feature Details Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st Audio/Video Compatible Spa Pack Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st Manufacturer using Cyclonic Filtration® Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st Manufacturer with a 5 Inch Tapered Cover Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st First and Only Manufacturer to use Owens Corning Fiberglass Reinforced Shells Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st Tri-Lever Trillium Jets (easy adjustment regardless of hand size) Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st Illuminated Headrests Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st 24 Inch Waterfall in a Hot Tub Coast Spas Manufacturing
1st Levitator Jets in a Swim Spa Coast Spas Manufacturing

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