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Health Mate Home Saunas introduced the First Infrared Sauna 40 Years Ago. Health Mate was first to produce an infrared sauna in 1979. Our past is rich with achievements and advancements. Every day Health Mate strives to offer infrared saunas utilizing the wealth of 40 years of experience. Health Mate owns it’s own factory, sources it’s own wood and is the only brand with a UL listed heater. Health Mate should be your first and last stop when shopping for an infrared sauna.

Maximized Heat

Our saunas heaters are optimized for the fastest heat-up times and highest temperatures. Our 80/20 balance of natural wood to glass construction ensures maximum heat retention.

True Full Spectrum Infrared

Our saunas offer a combination of far-, mid-, and near-infrared frequencies, delivering the full range of wellness benefits at ultra-low EMF levels.

Quality Manufacturing

Not only is Health Mate the industry pioneer, but we own the production and factory facilities. Our 5-step quality control process results in consistently superior saunas.

Superior Quality

Durability, craftsmanship, and safety are at the forefront of every single sauna we make, and the roomy Therapy Lounge is no exception, from the solid eucalyptus wood to the unmatched heaters. Our 5-stage quality control process ensures you get a superior product. Health Mate takes its 40 plus years of manufacturing experience seriously as we continue to lead the industry in infrared sauna development. 

Full-Spectrum Coverage

Powerful and intense near-, mid-, and far-infrared wavelengths combine for the Therapy Lounge to offer maximum health benefits and relaxation. The Health Mate advantage is in our patented that feature high-watt, 360-degree coverage second to no other  sauna on the market.

Advanced Chromotherapy

Your Therapy Lounge comes standard with  chromotherapy lighting via a 96-diode near-infrared LED panel. Choose from 9 colors to customize your sauna experience at the touch of a remote. Learn the health benefits  attributed to each color and enjoy  enhanced wellness and healing.

Ultra Low EMF

All our saunas, including this Lounge model, are equipped with low EMF heaters, ensuring you get the greatest infrared benefits at the safest levels possible. Low EMF applies not just to its 18 heaters, but also to the controllers and electrical components. Health Mate’s 3rd party Tecoloy EMF report supports our safety standards and provides full transparency of our leading technology.

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